The overall training objective

In Lao where speeding on national roads has been a key contributing factor in road traffic crashes, considerable efforts to control vehicle speeds have been made, mostly involving speed law enforcement. However, the fact that speed limits are very often violated on a large scale in Laos suggests the need for implementing more effective speed management strategies. While the effectiveness of such measures depends mainly on how well they could lead drivers to change speeding behavior, public acceptability is also vital as a key to sustainability of most speed management programs.

This training program will explain the assessment of speeding problems and provide the enforcement and engineering techniques to control the speed. The effective public relations and media campaign strategies will be also discussed. In addition, the technology for speed enforcement will be demonstrated in the workshop session based on case study.

  • Speed and the risk of crashes/ injuries
  • Assessment of speeding problems and situation
  • Engineering measures to control speed
  • Ownership of the Speed Enforcement and the development of the speed management strategies by the Police.
  • Speed Enforcement techniques and tactic
  • Effective public relations and media campaign strategies
  • Workshop: Speeding Management

Activity and Date

  • The training – workshop “Speed management” on 15-17 June 2016 at Kosa Hotel Khonkaen, Thailand.

Training Team

  • ThaiRoads Foundation and partnership road safety networks.

Workshop participation/ organization