Report on road accidents in Thailand in the Year 2010 revealed that major cause of road accidents is the speeding which exceeds the legal speed limit. This had brought about losses of property, live, and overall economic situation in Thailand, particularly accidents occurring from public van and bus which had generally been perceived from newspaper and television due to substantial losses of passengers per each accident. This speeding issue has become one of major concern and has been witnessed domestically and internationally which posed significant effects to the effectiveness of related agencies responsible for Thai road safety.

Therefore, the ThaiRoads Foundation under the support of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation decided to monitor and indicate the problem from van and bus speeding within 200 kilometers in diameter around Bangkok. This is in order to gather basic information and data for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of road safety measures for public van and bus drivers including in terms of law enforcement, campaign promotion as well as public relations.


Project’s Key Researcher: The ThaiRoads Foundation
Sponsor: The Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Implementation Year: 2013-2014