“accident location” is vital piece of primary data needed for effective road traffic accident preventative and corrective measure design and implementation as it indicates locations of possible black spots. Currently, Thailand has 2 main sources of road accident data, which are the Royal Thai Police and the Public Health Ministry, none of which contains information regarding where road accidents took place.  However, it has been noticed that paramedic and rescue agencies may have that capacity in pinpointing road accident locations as attending officers from these agencies are usually at the scene of accidents. Furthermore, the use of advanced technology installed in smart phones nowadays may also be utilized in this case. These recent observations has resulted in this project, as an adequate road traffic accident reporting system can help prevent road traffic accidents, thereby, saving lives.

This project’s main objective is to develop a prototype road traffic accident reporting system that can pin-point the location an accident. Attending paramedic and rescue officers as well as other related agencies and networks can access to the real time information through their smart phones, of which related data and information are released on the secured internet system under the direct supervision of the National Institute for Emergency Medicine. This system can, therefore, help provide prompt assistance needed, especially when timing is at critical key factor.


Project’s Key Researcher: ThaiRoads Foundation
Sponsor: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Year of research conduction: 2014 (on going)