The survey report on the seatbelt use rate for vehicle occupants in Thailand Year 2010 was conducted under the support of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Key objective is to reveal the current situation on seatbelt use behavior of vehicle occupants at regional level across the country which can be used as background data to monitor and evaluate the implementation of measures which attempt to promote higher rate of seatbelt use both for drivers and passengers by applying law enforcement, campaign promotion, and public relations.

Data in this report was collected from the observational survey on the seatbelt use rate for vehicle occupants in Thailand covering 76 provinces nationwide between May to December 2012. The survey is a joint work between the ThaiRoads Foundation and the Road Safety Watch Network in partnerships with regional universities including Thailand Accident Research Center under Asian Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering Naresuan University, Institute of Engineering Suranaree University of Technology, Faculty of Logistics Burapha University, and School of Engineering and Resources Walailuk University.


Project’s Key Researcher: The ThaiRoads Foundation
Sponsor: The Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Implementation Year: 2010-2011