Since 2003, Thailand has entered into the transition period of approaching a safety transportation condition. Several signs of entering into this new era appeared through important characteristics including (i) good compensation for those being employed in road safety works at least 3 billion baht per year. (ii) more hard-working and extensive policy implementation compared to in the past for example law enforcement, road improvement, public relations, administration, and development in information and academic work. (iii) administrative mechanism through government sector both from the central level (the Road Safety Directing Center) and the regional level. (iv) continual and more frequent government policy decision making in terms of cabinet resolutions particularly those issues related to legal, administrative mechanism, and budget.  This report mainly aims to vision the current situation, past trend, and development opportunities in order to support the new era of the safety transportation to be strengthened, prevalent, worthwhile, and beneficial to society. The report, however, was prepared under the limitation of data access, data quality, and team proficiency in data analysis and synthesis.


Project’s Key Researcher: The ThaiRoads Foundation
Sponsor: The Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Implementation Year: 2011-2012