This report presents all details about the road safety and also includes 12 key indicators for the road safety. This is in order to reveal the situation of road traffic in Thailand based on descriptive statistical analysis. The data suggests that the severity of accidents have increased continuously despite the decade of action for road safety policies for five consecutive years since 2011 which aims to reduce the death from road accidents to be lower than 10 per 100 thousand of population.

This report on the road accident situation in the Year 2012-2013 can also reflect problems and challenges arising from the operation of related agencies. The report organizer hopes that the data in this report would be influential and provide wide-ranging impacts as well as identify solution guidelines in order to achieve clear and concrete measures for road safety. The organizer also encourages related agencies to put more efforts to finally achieve the target as stated in the decade of action for road safety.


Project’s Key Researcher: The ThaiRoads Foundation
Sponsor: Road Safety Policy Foundation and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Implementation Year: 2014-2015